Work securely & flexibly from anywhere

Whether in the home office, co-working space or office: with the virtual workplace, your employees can work securely and flexibly at any time - regardless of location, time, end device and network. The optimised virtual solution offers simple and secure access from anywhere.

Highest safety standards

All of your company's applications and data are optimally protected against cybercrime with the integrated intelligent security functions. You receive automatic software updates, regular backups and recovery strategies as well as the latest virus scanners and firewalls. Mirrored data centres provide additional protection against failure.

Fast onboarding and scaling

Simplify the provision and management of your applications and data and customise them to your business requirements. Increase the agility and scalability of your organisation without having to make on-site modifications and benefit from reduced maintenance costs.

Cost reduction through existing licences

Only pay for what you actually use and reduce your costs using your existing licences. For the modern cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure, you can use your existing Microsoft 365 or Windows licence authorisations and thus save on integration costs.

Desktop as a Service:Working in the office 4.0

Working from home, agility, new work and many other modern work concepts are reshaping our working world of tomorrow. The digital workplace of the future - independent of time and place - demands a high degree of efficiency, flexibility and security.

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Good to know What advantages does Desktop as a Service offer?

Take your company into a secure future today and master new digital challenges with Desktop as a Service.

Mithilfe eines virtuellen Desktops wird Ihr Betriebssystem hardware- und ortsunabhängig

Work from anywhere with a cloud-based environment

With the help of a desktop as a service, i.e. a virtual desktop, many challenges of the digital age for your IT department can be mastered. With our virtual desktops, the operating system runs in the Smart Data Centre cloud regardless of hardware and location - only the graphical user interface is displayed on your end device.  As your data is no longer stored on local devices, it can be accessed anywhere and at any time. This means that even in the event of a disaster - an accident or attack on the local systems - the data remains secure and is additionally protected against cyber attacks.

Wartung und Skalierung Ihrer virtuellen Desktops geht mit einem Mausklick

Maintenance and scaling – simple and secure at the click of a mouse

All virtual desktops are automatically updated and maintained by Smart Data Centre. Administrators can also access all virtual desktops within the company network to install and set up new software. This makes it easier to organise the onboarding and offboarding process for employees. Dynamically growing companies have the option of simple scalability - for example, 20 new workstations can be created simultaneously at the click of a mouse. Without great effort and high costs. Investments in expensive hardware that has to be replaced every few years are now a thing of the past.