Redundancy through cross-mirroring

Some companies maintain entire halls full of "twin hardware" to make backup copies. However, backing up your data can also be done with far less effort: We create the necessary data redundancy through cross-mirroring in data centres made in Germany and GDPR-compliant.

Cloud backup of the IT infrastructure

While conventional backups only protect the data itself, we back up your entire IT infrastructure in the cloud. This includes the operating systems and the network required for access and recovery.

Simple deployment and management

Our experts take care of the administration and perform regular restore tests to ensure that all areas of your company can be restored error-free at any time via a system backup. This includes monitoring and reporting on the status of the backup.

Data protection is a top priority for us

We not only help you to back up your data, but also to protect it. We can guarantee this by ensuring that your data is cross-hosted in GDPR-compliant data centres made in Germany.

Back-up as a service:work carefree from today

You should be prepared in the event that hackers gain access to company data despite all security measures and you may even be blackmailed with it - and this is not the only cause that can lead to a loss of data. With our backup as a service, we ensure that you can get on with your day-to-day business without having to worry about the functioning of your backups.

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Good to know Why is Back-up as a Service so important?

Many entrepreneurs are still unaware of the importance of a functioning backup - even though secure data transfer is the cornerstone of everyday working life in times of advancing digitalisation.

Mit uns können alle Ihre Daten können bei einem Cyberangriff wiederhergestellt werden

Back-ups: safety copies just in case

It must be ensured at all times that all data, including the operating systems, can be restored smoothly. In practice, this means that you should have at least one backup copy at an external location - your back-up. You can use this copy to retrieve your company data if it has been damaged or destroyed by a virus, cyberattack or water damage.

Unser Back-up as a Service bietet Ihnen die Zwillingslösung zur Datensicherung

From the "twin solution" to back-up as a service

As the name suggests, data backup via the twin solution means that every hardware device - including computers, notebooks, tablets and phones - is available twice. There are a few large companies that operate entire gyms full of "twin hardware". Each twin device runs the same updates that are installed on the main device on a daily basis. It is essential that both the software and the technology status are identical. Our solution that means you no longer need to worry? Back-up as a service.